New Musical Instrument - RanjanVeena

A revolution in 21st Century music

Recently a new musical instrument "RanjanVeena" launched and patented by it's inventor Niranjan Haldar. A new musical instrument is not merely a new shape, but implies novelty of tone, and the instrument has to be judged by ear not through eyes. It should have a hitherto undiscovered audio quality that musicians refer to as Tone or Tonality.

Like the other string bridge stroke musical instrument(Surbahar, Sitar, Sarod) new Indian Musical Instrument - Ranjanveena is a modified small version of Veena and off course it has it's own distinct natural and different special tone as well as a very beautiful handy new shape.

RanjanVeena is a complete musical instrument wich offers a long renge of Four Octave clear musical tone along with 12 Taraf strings and both side Chikari strings suitable for playing the Hindusthani Classical music style.. It has completely wooden acoustic body, light in weight(3.2kg), it is easily portable(1100mm x 450mm x 65mm). Moreover all the Hawaiian and Steel Guitar player can play RanjanVeena very easily and properly.

What It Is - A very new musical instrument, an innovatoon by Niranjan Haldar. It is a new version of Indian ancient and traditional papular musical instrument Vichitra Veena.

How to play - Playing style is just like the Hawaiian Guitar or Steel Guitar as well as Vichitra Veena.

How to tune - When we tune a Hawaiian/Steel guitar in D Major scale, it is D A D F # A .D. When we tune a RanjanVeena in D Major or D Minor scale, it will be D A D A D(no 3rd note for 3rd string). For G major/Minor scale it willbe D G D G D(for 4th note base raga)

Availability (Instrument)- HALDAR'S MUSIK, 2 Sewa Sardar Nagar, INDORE 452001, M. P. INDIA. mob: +91 9424082708

Availability(traning) - For Indian and foreign students(single/group) there is arrangement for learning and staying in Indore and Kolkata,India. Traning is available in Indian style(note) and staff Pt. Niranjan Haldar, credited with conductoin of musical shows in different parts of India.

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