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A revolution in 21st Century music

Recently a new musical instrument "RanjanVeena" launched and patented by it's inventor Niranjan Haldar. A new musical instrument is not merely a new shape, but implies novelty of tone, and the instrument has to be judged by ear not through eyes. It should have a hitherto undiscovered audio quality that musicians refer to as Tone or Tonality.

Like the other string bridge stroke musical instrument(Surbahar, Sitar, Sarod) new Indian Musical Instrument - Ranjanveena is a modified small version of Veena and off course it has it's own distinct natural and different special tone as well as a very beautiful handy new shape.

RanjanVeena is a complete musical instrument wich offers a long renge of Four Octave clear musical tone along with 12 Taraf strings and both side Chikari strings suitable for playing the Hindusthani Classical music style.. It has completely wooden acoustic body, light in weight(3.2kg), it is easily portable(1100mm x 450mm x 65mm). Moreover all the Hawaiian and Steel Guitar player can play RanjanVeena very easily and properly.

What It Is - A very new musical instrument, an innovatoon by Niranjan Haldar. It is a new version of Indian ancient and traditional papular musical instrument Vichitra Veena.

How to play - Playing style is just like the Hawaiian Guitar or Steel Guitar as well as Vichitra Veena.

How to tune - When we tune a Hawaiian/Steel guitar in D Major scale, it is D A D F # A .D. When we tune a RanjanVeena in D Major or D Minor scale, it will be D A D A D(no 3rd note for 3rd string). For G major/Minor scale it willbe D G D G D(for 4th note base raga)

Availability (Instrument)- IIWM, 303 Jamuna Apartment ,2 Sewa Sardar Nagar, INDORE 452001, M. P. INDIA. mob: +91 9424082708

Availability(traning) - For Indian and foreign students(single/group) there is arrangement for learning and staying in Indore and Kolkata,India. Traning is available in Indian style(note) and staff Pt. Niranjan Haldar, credited with conductoin of musical shows in different parts of India.

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"RANJANVEENA™" – Niranjan Haldar's Musical Innovation

Since the ancient period till today, Veena has played an important role in Indian music and culture. Veena is the mother of all musical instruments. Today we have several musical instruments like Surbahar , Sitar, Sarod, Guitar(Kachhapiveena), Easraj, Sarangi etc. which all originated from Veena.

In this modern age of science and speed we are minimizing the large size stuff to smaller ones for our easy handling. North Indian Vichitra Veena, day by day is becoming less popular due to it’s very large size, resulting in high cost, difficulty in transportation and maintenance. Of course nothing can be a substitute of Vichitra Veena. Drawing inspiration from VichitraVeena and after long hard work, experiment, research and planning, Shri Niranjan Haldar has invented a new smaller musical instrument.

With four octave clear natural tone, it has all the quality and efficiency that an Indian classical musical instrument requires. Sri Haldar hopes that his new creation will be able to Ranjan ie entertain all music lovers and wise musicians by it’s technical capacity to play – Alap, Jood, Jhala, Gaat, Taan etc. Sri Niranjan complited instrument’s patent formalities and gave a new suitable name for the instrument “RANJANVEENA™”.

A new shape or a new name of an old traditional musical instrument does not mean a new instrument. A new instrument means it should have it’s own unique natural tone (by which we are able to identify that instrument).Ranjan Veena has it’s own new separate tone which is different from other instruments. It is very natural and has similarity with it’s sister instruments (String Bridge Stroke Instrument –Surbahar, Sitar, Guitar etc).Ranjan Veena gives the depth of melody of Veena, sweetness of sitar, sparkling tone of guitar and we can play all the Indian Classical Instrument techniques –Meed (Slide) Gamak, Krintan, Gitkari etc and the fast taans.

It is light in weight (3.2Kg), handy and portable (1070mm X 345mm X 100mm).It has completely wooden body and attractive shape suited to Indian Classical instrument’s look and beauty.

Khuntis (tuning pillars) are combination of Indian beauty and western mechanism (guitar tuning machine). So it can be tuned very finely and easily.

Two pairs of chikari strings are used on both left and right side and there are three supporting strings on left side. Five main melody strings and tweleve taraf were included in the instrument.

Niranjan Haldar

Born in 1955 at Kolkata in a well-to-do music loving family. Youngest child of Smt. Mahamaya and Shri Dinabandhu, Niranjan’s affinity towards music grew from his very childhood and this initial attraction towards music became respect and regard in his teenage, then in youth it changed to love and passion. Subsequently music became part and parcel of his existence as both motto and profession in real life. Initiated into music by his elder brother Chittaranjan, Niranjan was trained systematically in western and Indian music by Guitar Maestros Kazi Aniruddha and Shri Rajat Nandy. Subsequently he also continued to receive training in Indian Classical Music from Pandit Gokul Nag (a noted sitar player from Bishunpur gharana, father of Pt. Monilal Nag) and completed M.A. in music in1978.

He first appeared in A.I.R Kolkata as a Yuv Vani artist in 1972. Then he acquired grades in western music (B High) in 1980 and Indian Sugam Sangeet in 1981 and got ‘A’ grade in light music in 1989 from All India Radio. He joined as staff (guitarist) in A.I.R Indore (M.P) in 1988.In Indore he started playing Vichitra Veena and gave many performances for Akashvani, DoorDarshan and important musical concerts at different places of the country. He is still continuing his advanced technical training in Indian classical music under guidance of renowned Sitar Player Pt. Arun Moroney.

Commerce graduate Niranjan Haldar, a versatile instrumentalist, is not only expert in Western Music & Sugam Sangeet(Light Music) but is also equally skilled in Indian Classical music and plays VichitraVeena and RanjanVeena with sublime dexterity.

Wide imagination, profound scope of pleasant creative Alaap & Jood, Fast Jhala, improvisation and systematic (Raga) composed presentation (Bistar), mixture of Gayaki and Tantrakari, Brilliant Laykari, Drut taan characterize Shri Haldar’s presentation.

He continuously engaged himself in research to develop an instrument which will have nuances of Veena, Surbahar, Sitar and Guitar, yet having a different and impressing unique tonal appeal for the listeners. Dedication, endeavour and search took about ten years, which finally enabled him to create a musical instrument named “RANJANVEENA” which satisfies all the requirement of Indian Classical Music.

He is with All India Radio,Indore as an ‘A’ grade artist for last 20 years and has been fortunate to get ample recognition from the music fraternity in India and abroad. He has performed in many prestigious concerts with his new invention Ranjan Veena.

He gave inauguration and introductory performance at Bhopal (Bharat Bhavan -23.12.07), next at Bangaluru (Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Annual Sammellan – 29.12.07) Indore (Sangeet Natak Academy- Delhi- 18.3.08) Bhopal (Raivandra Bhavan – Ustd. Allauddin Khan Sangeet Natak Academy - 28.03.08) Jabalpur, Udaipur – etc and everywhere he received huge appreciation from the music lovers and critics. DoorDarshan Kendra Indore (15.08.2008) and DoorDarshan Kendra Delhi – (National Live -04.12.2008) have telecast his interviews highlighting varied features of Ranjan Veena.


Udaipur(RJ) Classical Music Concert (Vichitra Veena)

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